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Bach Practitioner

Frascos flores

Hi, I'm Fernanda Desai.

Welcome to Holly Florals by Bach!

I am here to help, assist, educate and spread Bach's philosophy and flower essences.

My first contact with Bach florals was in my adolescence when I took  a leaflet at a homeopathic pharmacy. Years later, after getting married and becoming a mother, I found florals again through the recommendation of a friend.  The reunion with the florals was wonderful, I started to use them again, as well as my family, and in a short time we already felt the changes and the  our full rebalancing. 

I have a degree in Letters - Translator and Interpreter of  English language, practitioner of Yoga, Indian Dance, Muay Thai, I am vegetarian, Hindu, I love to cook, take care of my garden and my family. I love to study  Dr. Bach's philosophy and florals. I'm very happy to have  I found my true calling.

In 2017, it concluded  the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses - Bach Practitioner Training Course recognized and taught by the Bach Center in London in Curitiba, and I started working with florals, deepening my studies  and  idealize  the Holly Flowers by Bach. I felt a great gratitude for being able to do good helping my family, friends and all people.

Bach flower essences are natural flower essences that provide us with the  emotional balance necessary for healing and well-being.

IT'S  a very simple system  The  Bach Practitioner is just a facilitator in this self-healing process.

I am  here to help you  understand better about how flower essences work, what is the indication of each essence, what are the differences between them, take  doubts, answer questions, direct the focus and help in your personal search in front of this path so perfect that it is nothing more than our communion with Nature. 

Becoming a Bach Practitioner is without a doubt an honor and a blessing. Being able to help and educate those in need with Bach flower remedies is a gift. If you are interested and want to know more about florals,  have questions about how to use them  or are experiencing a situation or illness and need help, please contact me. I am at your disposal and I am sure that you will be much happier after meeting  and use Bach Flower Remedies.  

Peace, love and flower!

Fernanda Desai

Bach Practitioner

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