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Floral of the month


The fears of people who need  Aspen are of the mind. Are sudden fears with no known cause  that can appear during the day or night. People can wake up suddenly feeling sudden terror for no apparent reason. Usually these fears  are related to death or religion. They feel chills, chills, they are afraid of something but cannot explain what it is. They feel intense terror and emotional panic. It happens more when they are alone. In general, those who feel this kind of fear tell the people around them. It is a very intense unknown mental fear that arrives like a cloud bringing terror, anxiety, trembling, sweating, chills, tachycardia, among other symptoms.  People who use the  floral Aspen balance and become joyful and fearless people.

They are no longer afraid  because they become aware that the universal power of love is behind everything. When we come to this conclusion, we are beyond pain and suffering, beyond worry or fear, we are above everything, and we feel joy in life,  by death and  joy that we are immortal.

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