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Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is the best known and most consumed floral in the world. It is a  emergency formula that was created  by Dr. Bach  to deal with urgent crisis situations; times when there is no time to make an individual selection of florals. This original floral is sold ready in homeopathic pharmacies, the packaging is yellow and bears Dr. Bach's signature.  


The Rescue Remedy ( Rescue means rescue, emergency, help)  consists of five flower essences, namely:


CHERRY PLUM  - help  to maintain self-control

CLEMATIS  - Assists  in the absence of consciousness, avoid fainting 

IMPATHIES  - calms the mind and reduces agitation

ROCK ROSE  - promotes calm, brings  courage and avoid panic

STAR OF BETHLEHEM  -offerscomfort after a shock or trauma

This formula can be used to  to help  to overcome  any stressful situation, from unexpected nervousness  even an accident. If you have suddenly received bad news, experienced family problems or bereavement, are fearful, confused or even terrified, Rescue Remedy will help you to face the situation with a more balanced mental attitude.

Rescue can be taken before a stressful event, while waiting for important news, before taking a school exam or test, before a difficult meeting or interview, before going on stage or giving a speech, before going to the dentist or hospital. The floral will help to reduce fear and nervousness and will restore the  balance immediately.

After an accident at home or on the road, an immediate dose of Rescue Remedy can help to lessen the negative effects and trauma and help with the healing process while waiting.  medical help. Floral can alleviate fear and offer comfort and tranquility.

The Rescue  It was conceived  to help with immediate problems. If you are dealing with deeper issues, if you feel like you need to be "rescued" daily, or if you are taking Rescue regularly, it would be  better consult the indications of the 38 florals to make  a selection specifically addressed to your question, choosing a floral or some florals that best  would support your current emotional state and so  You will be able to  feel the benefits of florals in the long term. If you have any questions or need help, always look for a registered Bach Practitioner.

just like the others  remedies, Rescue Remedy is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, but it is an important help and worth a lot.  have a bottle of this emergency formula in your home, office or purse. It is natural, safe and does not interfere with any other medication or allopathic treatment, but  contributes to more efficient and faster healing.


Dilute four drops of Liquid Rescue Remedy in a glass of mineral water and drink in small sips frequently.  until you get relief. It can also be ingested through drops directly into the mouth, avoiding contact of the dropper with the mouth, tongue or saliva. It can also be applied as a lotion when diluted in water in the affected region in cases of pain, dislocation, sting, burn, headache, allergies, etc.

Rescue spray version is used directly in the mouth through two sprays.

Rescue in tablets, drops or softgels can be carried in the bag and ingested when needed. THE  dosage is 1 lozenge, drops or capsule in the mouth until complete dissolution, the  which is equivalent to 4 drops of liquid Rescue. repeat dose  as required.



Rescue Remedy cream


Rescue Remedy cream has the same  floral formula as in the liquid version, however it contains an extra floral, the  Crab Apple , which is the cleansing flower.  This formula dates back to the early 60's  and was created by Nora Weeks, Dr. Bach's personal assistant.

Cream is also  an emergency formula and a practical way of applying the  florals in  closed wounds, swellings of all kinds, insect bites, burns, localized pain, injuries, abrasions, skin allergies or just to moisturize dry skin. It can be applied to the body and face. 

Dosage is applied in a thin layer, spreading until complete absorption. Reapply as needed or at least three times a day.


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Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy Creme
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