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The Bach Flowers

Bach flower essences are essences extracted from natural flowers energized in mineral water, placed in a glass container under the sun or through the boiling method depending on the time of year. In the preparation of florals, the four elements of Nature are present: earth, fire, air and water. The earth is the place where trees and flowers are born and grow. Fire is the sun that energizes the flowers or flame when using the boiling method. The clean and pure water coming from the source is where the flowers are placed to be energized. And finally, the air that is present all the time and that supplies all living beings with oxygen. The production process of Bach Flower Remedies is extremely simple, as is divine Nature and this healing method.

Of the 38 florals, 37 are based on wildflowers and tree flowers. The only exception is Rock Water which is prepared from water from a natural source with healing properties. The original Bach Flower Remedies have been produced at the Bach Center in London for over 80 years and packaged and distributed to homeopathic pharmacies in different countries by Nelsons. The original florals contain Dr. Bach's signature on the bottle.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies  their indications are:

AGRIMONY  - mental torture behind a happy face

ASPEN  - fear of unknown things

BEECH  - intolerance

CENTAURY  - inability to say no

CERATO  - lack of confidence in their own decisions

CHERRY PLUM  - fear of mind losing control

CHESTNUT BUD  - failure to learn from mistakes

CHICORY - selfish, possessive love

CLEMATIS  - dreams of the future without realizing it in the present

CRAB APPLE  - the cleansing remedy, also for lack of self-love

ELM  - burdened by responsibilities

GENTILIAN  - discouragement after a difficulty

GORSE  - hopelessness and despair

HEATHER  - self-centered and self-concern

HOLLY  - feel hatred, envy and jealousy 

HONEYSUCKLE  - living in the past

HORNBEAM  - tired just thinking about doing something

IMPATHIES  - impatience

LARCH  - lack of confidence

MIMULUS  - fear of familiar things

OAK  - the perseverant who continues even after exhaustion

OLIVE  - exhaustion after physical and mental exertion

PINE  - fault

RED CHESTNUT  - excessive concern for loved ones

ROCK ROSE  - terror and panic

ROCK WATER  - perfectionism, rigidity and self-repression

SCLERANTHUS  - inability to choose between alternatives

STAR OF BETHLEHEM  - shock, trauma

SWEET CHESTNUT  - extreme mental anguish, everything has been tried and there is no way out

VERVAIN  - over-enthusiasm

VINE  - mastery and inflexibility 

WALNUTS  - protection against unwanted changes and influences

WATER VIOLET  - pride and detachment

WHITE CHESTNUT  - unwanted thoughts and mental arguments

WILD OAT  - uncertainty about the direction of life

WILD ROSE  - without action, resignation, apathy

WILLOW  - self-pity and resentment


Preparação floral Gorse
Florais de Bach
Assinatura Dr Bach
Preparação floral Clematis

Discover the flowers used in each essence

Source: Bach Center Facebook page/Google

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